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Information and Communications Technology for Survivalists

By Stacey Thompson

Communications and information equipment are not always at the top of a survivalist’s list of priorities. I don’t find that surprising, as I myself would secure a food, water, shelter, and personal defense before thinking about that. Still, having a few key pieces of communications and information processing gadgets will go a […]

The Secret Of Getting The Best Price For Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps can help you manage water problems in a leaky basement and might be necessary if your house is located in a low lying area. Although sump pumps are useful, buying a unit and having it installed can be a costly expenditure. Whether you need to replace an old sump pump or want to […]

10 Food Canning Tips

There are several great reasons to can your own food, and if you want to save money, eat healthier, and cut down on food waste–you’ll find out soon enough that canning can help you accomplish all that and more. Whether you’re just now getting acquainted with the canning process and could use some helpful advice, […]