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MREs: Are They Really as Gross as Their Reputation Says?

MREs — or Meals Ready to Eat — have developed a horrible reputation among the fighting men and women for whom they were invented.

Bestowed by service members with nicknames like “Meals Rarely Edible” and “Meals Rejected by Everyone,” these long-lasting military food rations are built to withstand a 1,250-foot parachute drop, but can they […]

Stockpiling Food: How Much Is Enough?

There are many reasons to stock up on more food that you’ll need in the immediate future. Planning for a storm, preparing for an electrical outage or prepping for the end of the world all require extra food. Before you go out and get a club card at a big-bulk discount store, follow this guide […]

Top 5 Websites from Which to Buy Freeze-Dried Food

Natural disasters, terrorism, social distress – who knows what could be coming next? If you are working on stockpiling supplies and getting your place ready to stay safe in for a few days or an indefinite time, you probably want to stock up on some freeze-dried food. Food and water are the essentials you need […]