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Why You Need An Emergency Food Supply

In today’s society, being prepared for the worst is no longer a sign of paranoia, terror, obsession, and superstition. As natural disasters, terrible storms, wars, riots, uprisings, and economic crises become more and more frequent, having a backup emergency plan just in case is the smart, not psychotic, thing to do. Emergency clothing, shelter, and […]

Four Options For Building Your Own Stock Of Emergency Food

Grandma knew what she was doing when she socked away row after row of Mason jars full of home-canned vegetable. Natural disasters, man-made emergencies and ordinary hard times can lead to food shortages and price gouging. Even a severe winter storm can leave you housebound and unable to get to the store. If you are […]

Disaster Prep On A Budget

Disaster Prep On A Budget by Dennis Evers– Disaster Prep can be expensive, particularly if you spend a small fortune on dedicated “survival” items that may or may not be used. Preparing makes good common sense, and on so many levels. There are natural disasters by the dozens, man made emergencies like chemical spills, riots, […]