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Plan for Redundancy. Plan for Redundancy.


Once you have lived the survivalist life – boots on the ground, so to speak — you come to a bedrock realization that certain things were never made to be used long-term. Unfortunately, many of the tools and devices we’ve become accustomed to using fall into this category. Things like generators, electric well […]

Top 10 Foods to Have on Hand in The Event of a Natural Disaster

You never know when something terrible might happen, such as a blizzard, hurricane, tornado or earthquake. If one of these natural disasters happen, it is likely that you will not have access to utilities. This situation may result in your inability to cook meals or have access to a working microwave. For these reasons, it […]

Stored Food: The Most Important Part Of Your Disaster Plan

No one knows what disaster will look like. Science fiction writers and movie makers have been imaging it for years, scientists have ideas about what it will look like, but no one knows for sure. The only thing that is certain is that food will be difficult to get, and you will be hungry. That […]