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5 Tips for Building A Survival Bunker

There are rumors that the world will end in 2012, sometime in the month of December. According to the rumors, the Mayan calendar ends after 2012. The Mayans were the oldest group of people to live. It is believed that these people were extremely intelligent, as evidence in many of their inventions. If you believe that the world will end soon, you will need to build a very strong survival bunker. Some of these tips will require some heavy machinery, so construction equipment rental is recommended.

1. Create brick walls

Because concrete is expensive, you should create the bunker's walls out of bricks. Moreover, unlike concrete, bricks don't mold or leak easily.

2. Seal the walls

The end of the world is supposed to be caused by the polar ice caps melting, causing major flooding in many countries. Therefore, plastic sheets or polyethylene to prevent leaking and moisture should reinforce your bunker’s walls.

3. Seal the roof

Use the same materials to seal the roof. However, unlike the walls, you should include a space in between the polyethylene sheets to provide material for insulation, such as straw.

4. Purchase plenty of canned goods

Obviously, you won't be able to provide yourself an unlimited supply of food, but you will need enough to wait for the water to recede. This may take close to a few months, so purchase plenty of canned goods, enough to last a few months. After the floods recede, it will be possible for you and other survivors to salvage any other food that survived the destruction. You should also be able to plant seeds for new crops.

5. Build the bunker on isolated land

In other words, don't build your bunker close to your house. You should find a large, open field on which to build. People who build bunkers close to their house send open invitations for other people to raid their bunker and steal their food. Moreover, you may be the victim of military attacks; therefore, you should build a bunker where there is no civilization.

Just make sure you plan an emergency escape route. You need to know the fastest, safest way to your bunker.

If you follow these tips, you will be prepared for the end of the world. Don't take these catastrophes lightly.

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