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6 Healthy Foods to Include in Your Emergency Supply

Preparing food for an emergency situation means finding foods that have a long shelf life and require little preparation. Typically people really on highly processed convenience foods to fit the bill; this is largely because they’re stocked with preservatives and stay fresh and edible for much longer than traditional emergency staples. However your emergency supply doesn’t have to be filled with foods that lack nutrients. Include these foods in your emergency stock pile of food to ensure that you have some healthy options as well:

1. Low-sodium version of canned foods.

Canned foods are a hallmark of emergency food supplies, however they are typically packed with enough sodium for an entire day, which can leave you bloated and dehydrated. Instead opt for the low-sodium versions of soups and vegetables to help cut back on your salt intake.

2. Packaged tuna, chicken, and salmon.

You can buy salmon, tuna, and chicken in cans or in vacuum-sealed pouches, and both options make excellent choices for keeping in your emergency stash. They’ll last you a long time and provide you with a healthy source of protein that will keep you fuller for longer.

3. Dried fruits.

Chips and crackers may make good snack choices when you aren’t in an emergency situation, but they, like canned vegetables, are usually packed with excess sodium. The high sodium content makes them less ideal for emergency situations, so for snacks try buying packages of dried fruits instead.

4. Peanut butter.

You can buy peanut butter in mass quantity and the healthy fats and proteins in it make it a great, healthy option to have on hand in an emergency. It will help stave off any hunger and works great by itself or as an addition to sandwiches, crackers, dried fruits, etc. And if peanut butter isn’t an option because you don’t like the taste, or if someone has a peanut allergy, there are tons of other nut butter varieties available.

5. Canned fruits.

Getting nutrients from fruits and vegetables is essential, but keeping fresh fruit on hand isn’t practical in an emergency situation. Canned fruits, on the other hand, will keep for a long time and the juice or water that they’re packed in can offer a nice switch from regular water to drink.

6. Unsalted nuts.

Nuts are another great option for snacking during an emergency, due to their high content of healthy fats and protein. However the salted varieties can leave you parched, so opt for the unsalted versions instead.

Your health doesn’t have to suffer in an emergency situation if you stockpile the right types of foods for meals and snacks. Be sure to check expiration dates periodically and continually rotate them out to ensure that your supply stays fresh for the maximum amount of time in case an emergency situation does arise.

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1 comment to 6 Healthy Foods to Include in Your Emergency Supply

  • Jonny

    I agree - health shouldn’t suffer even in emergency situations. And it’s in times like these that you will need all the nutrition you can get from your emergency food supply.

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