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Top 5 Websites from Which to Buy Freeze-Dried Food

Natural disasters, terrorism, social distress – who knows what could be coming next? If you are working on stockpiling supplies and getting your place ready to stay safe in for a few days or an indefinite time, you probably want to stock up on some freeze-dried food. Food and water are the essentials you need in an emergency situation, not just for you, but for your family as well.  Here are some of the best and well known disaster and emergency food suppliers that stock only the best long term food storage.  They offer 10 year, 25 year food storage that you can invest in for that day when disaster strikes.

1.My Food Storage

In an emergency situation, you want to have a good supply of food that will last. My Food Storage offers a large variety of freeze-dried meats, fruits, and vegetables along with gourmet ready made meals with a 25-year shelf life. Foods are sealed in Mylar pouches and then locked in durable buckets for that long shelf life.

Once you’ve got these foods, you can forget about them until you need them. Not only is foo (Read More....)