9 Tips for Buying Food Online to Stockpile

If you are planning on stockpiling an emergency stash of food so that you are prepared in the event of a crisis, you are doing the right thing.

FEMA-sponsored website Ready.gov recommends storing at least three days worth of food and beverage in order to protect yourself and your family should a natural disaster or other traumatic event occur.*

Here are some tips for buying food online that can be stockpiled:

Buy in Volume.

You are going to want to stockpile large amounts of food products, so buying in volume is obviously best, as the discounts one can obtain in buying in volume are significant. While online coupon sites may look appealing, where you can print out coupons and bring them to the grocery store, the coupons tend to be for low volumes of products

Canned Goods.

WebstaurantStore.com has fantastic deals on numerous type (Read More....)