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Easy Family Recipes

We probably all have recipes that are passed down from generation to generation and we do not really have a clue where they originated. I have some recipes that are old standbys for those days when I am in a hurry or tired but I still want to please my family. These are recipes I [...]

How to Properly Stock and Rotate Supplies

Rations: How to Ensure You Have Enough Stocked Food

Disaster can strike at any time, usually when you least expect it. Here’s how to make sure you have enough stocked food to ride out any catastrophe. Whether you plan on riding it out in style with meals fit for a king, or making do with a [...]

Emergency Food Meal Ideas

I love to cook special meals but hate to cook the mundane meals that are required day to day. The challenge is not only making something healthy for your family but something they enjoy as well. It is so often hard to accomplish both criteria especially when the some of the best and easiest meals [...]

When Oxygen is the Enemy:4 Ways to Reduce Oxygen and Increase the Shelf-life of Your Food Storage

When it comes to survival, oxygen is essential. Without oxygen, it really doesn’t matter how much food and water we’ve got in our emergency food storage. But when it comes to preserving the shelf life of long-term food storage, oxygen is your worst enemy—in fact it’s considered a contaminant. An airtight, oxygen-free environment is essential [...]

5 Reasons to Begin a Food Storage System Today

There are many reasons people decide to establish and maintain a long-term food storage, but they generally tend to fall under the two categories of protection and peace of mind. You never know when personal, city, national or even global tragedy may strike. Can you imagine what your life would be like not being able [...]

Top 5 Websites from Which to Buy Freeze-Dried Food

Natural disasters, terrorism, social distress – who knows what could be coming next? If you are working on stockpiling supplies and getting your place ready to stay safe in for a few days or an indefinite time, you probably want to stock up on some freeze-dried food. Food and water are the essentials you need [...]

Reasons Why Water Is A Basic Need For Survival

Everyone knows that we need water to live. But do we all know the reasons why?

If you recall your basic human biology class, you would know that two out of three parts of our body is made out of water and almost every aspect of our cellular function relies on it. You would also [...]

Information and Communications Technology for Survivalists

By Stacey Thompson

Communications and information equipment are not always at the top of a survivalist’s list of priorities. I don’t find that surprising, as I myself would secure a food, water, shelter, and personal defense before thinking about that. Still, having a few key pieces of communications and information processing gadgets will go a long [...]