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The Coming Global Food Shortage

While you will never hear about it on the mainstream news, and while we can all walk into supermarkets and buy as much food as we want right now, the truth is that a massive global food shortage is coming.  In fact, many scientists are now convinced that a horrific world famine is absolutely inevitable.  Why?  Well, as we will see below, it is a combination of things.  World population is exploding at the same time that overfarming, overfishing and environmental degradation are all starting to catch up with us.  The truth is that now is the time to start preparing.  Now is the time to build up an emergency food supply.  Now is the time to begin storing up food.  Because a food shortage that is so horrible that most of us cannot even imagine it is on the way, and when it hits it is going to be incredibly painful.

It is now being projected that global demand for food will more than double over the next 50 years.  Right now there are over 6 billion people on earth.  Around 2040 or so there will be 9 billion people on earth.  By the 2060s, there would be over 11 billion people on earth.  So where in the world are we going to get the food to feed all of those people?

A global food shortage is coming.  There is no possible way that the world can produce enough food for that many people under the current system.

Already 1 billion people in the world go to bed hungry every single night.

Already somewhere in the world someone starves to death every 3.6 seconds and 3/4 of them are children under the age of 5.

Already approximately a third of all children in the world under the age of five suffer from serious malnutrition.

And the bad news is that the world simply does not have enough water to grow much more food.

Just consider the following quote from IWMI director general Colin Chartres….

“Current estimates indicate that we will not have enough water to feed ourselves in 25 years time, by when the current food crisis may turn into a perpetual crisis.”

Not only that, but because of overfarming and pollution, we are rapidly losing farm land.  Today almost 25% of the world’s farm land is affected by serious environmental degradation.  That is up from 15% two decades ago.

In some of the biggest countries in the world the environmental situation is absolutely nightmarish.

For example, it is estimated by authorities that 75 percent of India’s surface water is contaminated by human and agricultural waste.  The truth is that there is over a billion people in India, but sanitation is still only just starting to be developed in many areas.  So many people there just “use the toilet” wherever they can.  In fact, according to a UN study on sanitation, far more people in India have access to a mobile phone than to a toilet.

But it just isn’t places like India where rampant environmental degradation is a problem.

It is happening in the United States too.

It turns out that many big American cattle farms actually feed chicken manure to cattle because it is so inexpensive and because we produce far too much of it to properly dispose of as fertilizer.

So are you eating beef that is from cattle that were fed chicken manure every day?

How would you know?

Not only that, but the world cannot get much more food out of the oceans either.  29 percent of world fisheries are in a state of collapse according to Canadian scientist Boris Worm, and in the years ahead the world fishing industry may actually produce less food rather than more food.

But much more food will be needed in the years ahead.

The really sad thing is that we waste so much food right now.  In developed countries we throw away anywhere from one-third to one-half of all food produced.

Considering the fact that so many people in the world are suffering from a lack of food, that is absolutely criminal.

In the years ahead we won’t be wasting that much food.  That is for certain.  We will look back on these days when there was plenty of food with longing.  These are still good times.  Even though the world economy is starting to spin out of control, the truth is that we haven’t seen anything yet.  A devastating world economic collapse is on the way, and a global food shortage will follow shortly thereafter.

Are you ready?

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  • Badguy

    I am ready, bring it on.
    it is time for all the humans to suffer.

    greedy bastards.

  • flip

    Toilet paper, seeds, guns, water, water purification, anti-biotics, barter, dried/canned foods, monkey in a smoking jacket, batteries, zippos + fluid, first aid etc

  • John L. Casey

    For the benefit of your readers:

    You are invited to read the latest press release from the Space and Science Research Center (SSRC 2-2010), posted Monday, May 10, 2010, titled:

    “Food and Ethanol Shortages Imminent as Earth Enters New Cold Climate Era.”

    Please see this new press release and the included letter to US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack at:


    John Casey
    Space and Science Research Center

  • dee

    Jesus is coming soon.

  • Ferds

    Best that countries that can not produce sufficient food for themselves partly die from starvation.
    I say ” Why should an Australian pay for food for a Samalie?
    This is the law of nature, survival of the fittest

  • bob

    Ferd, half of Australias food growing regions are under flood.If these natural disasters keep coming, we may be one of the first to suffer food shortages.

  • Mike Peace

    Well that is one perspective
    Lets think about another
    Today western civilizations are having fewer and fewer children if any at all
    Why ?
    Is it the possible food storage?
    No, the reality is , people, young people especially do not want children.
    They can barely take care of themselves let alone having children.
    Look at young people, college kids, few if any have true girl friends.
    They dont want a committed relationship to anyone.
    My opinion is that the industrial world will soon have ZERO population growth and only the third world countries will have growth. There ofcourse you will see continued starvation, plagues and etc.
    Just my humble opinion.:)

  • lee

    well badguy hate to be the one that breaks this to you but… you are a human we all done this to ourselfs i think that in order to help with the population growth there should be random sterilization at birth. if enough people would go for this then it would cut population growth by some percentage and possibly save the human race adn it would also stretch out the expiration date on the resources that we consume everyday.

  • jojo

    lee, you should volunteer first!

  • Milly

    I think everyone should be growing their own food in their own backyard. Do not believe the media or the government when it comes to food shortages. None of them ever speak the truth. They manipulate the markets so the peasants will do their bidding. (ie farmers) If they want wheat grown they say there is a world shortage so the silly bastards use up all their capital to grow it. Come harvest time they will miraculously find a couple of billion tonnes of wheat in Russia or America to drive the price down. The farmer teetering on bankruptcy has to take the lower price to keep the banks happy and to maintain his dismal lifestyle.

  • Nick

    Great point about growing our own food, Milly. I have a 30-by-25-foot patch of land in my back yard that in the next week will be home to four new apple trees and I’m creating a hedge of blackberry bushes around the perimeter of my yard as well. It’s time for us to get serious about growing our own food even in the city and not get screwed by just-in-time inventory. For anyone who doesn’t realize how razor-thin our available food supply is at any given moment, here’s an eye-opening article:

  • NJC
  • Scott

    Total Bull. There will be no terrible food shortage. Period. People who dwell on lack will continue to lack and eventually die. People who prosper and want to prosper, will prosper. It’s all law of attraction. This is an unlimited Universe and there can NEVER be a shortage of anything that is desired by those who know how to create. So chill out.

  • DaDa

    @Milk Peace. I think you are wrong. I’m only 15 and I already know about 13 girls my age who are pregnant. Just because people have relationship issues it doesn’t mean the population won’t grow. Reality is that a huge percent of the world’s population have sexual relations with their partners without even loving each other or wanting any kids and because of their actions there are millions of parents that don’t finish college because they don’t have time to, they let their children do whatever they want (wich leads to more pregnancies) and unfortunately they turn into a terrible waste of time. I know because its what I see in my country (Puert Rico) everyday.

    @dee. I agree. Jesus will come but we can’t just and wait for him to get crucified again. We have to work as good citizens for our country!

  • Minnie

    Drive down any street or highway in America and what trees do you see on the side of the roads???? Why are none of them fruit trees? Cities don’t plant fruit trees because THEY think it hurts the grocery stores. They don’t care about you. They care about the money. This is a topic that should be brought to the attention of people running for public offices, they need to plant fruit trees! OUR taxes pay for freaking pine trees, palm trees, maple trees, oak trees, etc, but ZERO fruit trees.

  • John

    Scott the world food crops were washed away bu floods during july 10 and feb 11 in the following nations pakistan , vietnam , india, southern and northern china ,australia, the filipines , 7 european nations as well , drought in the usa , russia , ukraine , argentina.
    so scott dont say there wont be a short of food cos what is in the supermakets now was the previous years harvest that are stored in grain silo’s and food banks , but no harvest in the previous 7 to 10 months means starvation and big massive food price rises in the later 1/2 of 2011.

  • juan

    for an example when the economy was stable, you’d give 10 carrots for a liter of oil, now you have to give 50 carrots for one liter, so widely all countries are still food stable, but the problem is that the fuel hike reduces the speed of food production, when there’s an oil crises it has to be sorted out as soon as possible, they must find new oil fields very soon and make the workers at oil plants work faster, it’s because oil production is too slow, and food prices shouldn’t hike when there’s an oil hike, because this destroys the outer circle of poverty, on the brink’s pulling into the center the center being the richest people getting poorer as it goes out, why can’t they sample the heat energy out of the active volcano’s of the earth? the amount of heat in an active volcanic island is enough to drive hundreds of gigawatt energy steam engine turbines, this will decrease fuel demand helping food production, since most country’s have oil energy plants, i’m very concerned about this, since no one’s taking this matter seriously especially the power country’s, and then at this point, produce more electrical based cars, also understand the re feeding kinetic electrical car idea, but no one’s worrieng they’re just carrieng on heading into global disaster like they’re blind, we have to do it, these three key fields, waste less of everything, explore new idea’s creating and saving energy, volcanic power plants, and all across the world there’s lot’s of clean water and fertile land avaliable for food sources which is not being used, it must be used now, and in the meanwhile make assurances that’ll deflect any food threat, and i believe everyone should work together instead of working againts each other to resolve this problem, if we can do that we can look at a stable and good economic near future, which i pray to god for

  • jantje

    its very simple if the population in india and those counties is growing to much we must stop the economy with them

  • al-dhabih

    The world will run out of Spin [Doctors] & that will be that, worship at the Altar of Technology,have Faith in the Market, but don’t be surprised when Santa does not come down the chimney or the Tooth Fairy leaves you nothing. There is no Magic Pudding, & all economies & empires collapse, sooner or later. Be prepared, be aware. We survived quite well without Agriculture, Electricity, and much else for tens of thousands of years; the foolish died early, the wise passed on their genes and their knowledge. Since we decided to let some Big Man take care of us poor peasants farming the fields, we were no longer able to move to a better spot, unless accompanied by an army. Learn First Aid, learn to preserve food [I recommend drying it] learn several worthwhile skills.
    Don;t sit on your backside & wait for someone else to sort it out, he may not think your neck worth saving.

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  • Blaise

    The topic reminds of the goose that laid golden eggs story…the goose here being Mother Earth….. Humans being humans keep draining all resources available to them to live as comfortably as possible coz we believe thts right! One day when the goose gets cut open we wud have discovered tht there’s nothing left to take out of the planet….thts wen we wud realise that our right was actualy WRONG!…..Hope m not in tht generation….cos thts wen we are actually gonna get f*@(#&!!!!!!!!!!

  • leigh

    hmmmmm looks like i’ll be stocking up on fresh air sandwiches

  • jade

    OK, here is the simple truth: The responsibility for preparedness is shared by everyone. Governments, corporations and likely your neighbors will not save you. Blame shifting, panicing, mass sterilization, deliberate regional starvation and law of attraction B.S. will not put food on your table. Take a realistic inventory of your capabilities, stock up where you can, learn what you need to know to produce food for your family if things get bad (“be prepared” former scouts) and get on with your life.

    Personally, I have been reading up on aquaponics, ancient farming methods, food, seed and water storage, basic construction and off grid power. I can hunt, and I am willing to do what it takes to provide for my family. I do not feel threatened, or fearful. I am working and getting a college education.

  • Christine

    To all the people that blindly think that the planet isn’t in crisis should open their eyes. If past civilisations that had abundant resources can destroy their environment and civilisation with less population density than in our own modern world, we have to learn from the past. not make the same mistakes (greed) and make do with less and provide more. Less TV’s, less fast food, less cars, less consumerism, more locally grown food, more backyard gardens, more environment activism and more care for our neighbours and mother earth. We are all in need of awakening, law of attraction doesn’t work when your degraded soils won’t grow the crops you need to survive. Positive thinking goes a long way but positive action gets results.

  • Doris McClure

    EFoods “FREE” 12 servings is totally a lie. You are required to listen to a long speel, then to get your “FREE” food, you have to send in $9.95!!!

  • carlos

    we wont have food shortages tesco and asda supermarkets will keep us going for ever ,,,, no seriouslyi do agree the waste is sickening and the other thing is we also chuck away perfectly edable food too , maybe the government should maybe start putting restrictions on certain things and maybe reward the hard working people of the world with extra allowances and the ones who bum of society get the basic allowances , but i agree we are heading for a rocky road ahead in food energy government and world stability , life will change for us all for the worse before the better

  • Doug Anderson

    You can’t eat gold, food is going to be the most valuable supply you can have in hard times. Supply lines are drying up, and being taken over by the Gov. It would be a good idea to have a supply of food if everything goes bad. here is a link where you can get food that not only tastes good but has a 15 yr. storage life. You can get it delivered anywhere in the US in less than a week for now.
    Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

    Continue reading on Terror threats rising as FEMA orders $1 Billion in dehydrated food – National Finance Examiner |

  • Best Emergency Food Supply

    Excellent article! It really pays to be informed. Your article provides an informative and unique perspective.

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  • John Thomas

    Seriously, how many of these comments are trollin’? I think there might be some stone faced satire here.

  • AutumnGal
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  • jason

    i dont care what any one says that thinks they are readt because the only one that will be ready is the true christians that have god …so be ready with god and pray

  • Marv Brilliant

    It’s true that that there is no escaping the fact that a massive food shortage is on its way. Here in the United States we waste more food than any industrialized country in the world. This dilemna will never be corrected due to the fact that the American people are bombarded with media ads suggersting that we injest more fatty foods,such as burgers,sweets,and other junk. Food that’s left over in restaurants,and homes etc. end up in the garbage. We will contunue to devour and devour until supply will not meet demand. Do your research people. You may, and I emphasize may, learn something about about your contributions to the food shortage apocylipse which indeed will surely begin in the near future. Marv Brilliant Ph.D.

  • Skro

    Don’t think it will be so bad. Science will take care of the problems, finding new ways to produce more food!

  • Englishgirl23

    Wow how depressing and rude. I dont think its right that these morons are allowed to write things like this. Do you not see the rain? Do you not see the seeds? There is a way to provide for all. The lord will provide for his people. He has been doing so for many years. Science and government uses the media and internet to scare ignorant uneducated people. I think its time they shut up. Im sick of christens predicting God’s coming. I am tired of the controlling elite and global governments playing God.

  • Lowell Marks

    its time to feed on the word of the Lord

  • Lowell Marks

    Its time to feed on the word of God

  • Tara Ann Fuller Hoyt

    Because of GMO’s I see this happening more and more. The seed for food is not pure anymore, they have changed its DNA. So I do not know how we can have food in the future? Because these seeds are not real? We will have to depend on science to make our food, and we know what that will do?

  • Steve H

    Nothing fails more than prayer! Yea, you Christians sit on your asses and pray, see if that puts food on the table, you poor delisional people. Action is what actually saves someone!

  • Steve H

    Just go to a SAMs Club and they throw away good food only because of the expiration date.

  • Leslie Punshon

    When the time comes that food supplies can not feed the masses starvation will occur. The population will fall drastically. In the meanwhile learn to eat with minimal waste.
    Predictions that the world is coming to an end are unlikely. Predictions that the world population will drastically reduce make more sense.
    Other warnings are out there are about pollution and how humans are killing the plant. As humans live on this planet we must conclude Humans are on the endangered list.
    We can conclude Human sustainability plans will not work. Humans are not that clever. Hence the Planet is not doomed neither is the Human race things will balance out nicely as time progresses.

  • Christina

    It’s quite obvious here the world IS coming to an end. Eventually there will be a famine, there will be global starvation. EVERYTHING the bible said is true and is coming true, it simply can’t be argued intelligently because there’s one answer for all of this. You and others should give heed to what’s coming. The end is near and those without Christ will suffer most severely.