The Food Riots Of 2008

food riotsMost Americans laugh at the idea of building up an emergency food supply.  But let us consider what happened in 2008 when food prices spiked and millions were suddenly facing an unexpected food shortage.

The following articles are from last summer during the height of the food riots around the world, and they illustrate what could happen around the world when the next big food crisis hits.....

Thousands of starving citizens clashed with police in Egypt over flour rations.

A North Korean father killed his starving family and then took his own life in despair over the lack of food.

Looted shops burned in Haiti as the food crisis there escalated out of control.

In Ethiopia, it was not just children, the elderly, or the poor who were suffering. According to aid workers, starvation was hitting just about everyone.

You see most Americans don't care about things until it is affecting them, and they think that food shortages could never happen here.

Most Americans think that there will always be more than enough food in the United States.

But most Americans are wrong.

The truth is that we all need to pay attention to the food crisis around the world.....eventually it WILL effect all of us.


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