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Some Thoughts On Plant Hybridization, Genetic Engineering And Organic Farming

Years ago, I heard a minister telling his flock that the practice of taking vitamin supplements amounts to a waste of money, and that the only noticeable change resulting from taking supplements is a change in the color of urine. His claim was that, when one swallows a supplement tablet or capsule, everything in the […]

One Family Makes A Full Time Income From Their Garden

The organic market expands up to 20% per year, as more people educate themselves of the health dangers of genetically engineered food. A family in Pasadena, California is making a living from selling produce grown in their yard to neighbors and restaurants. They grow 6,000 pounds of produce on 1/10th of an acre of cultivated […]

93 Percent Of Soybeans And 80 Percent Of Corn In The U.S. Grow From Seeds Genetically Modified By Monsanto

Most people have no idea that the a large portion of the food that they eat each day has been genetically modified. In fact, over the past decade it has been nothing short of a revolution. Today 93 percent of soybeans and 80 percent of corn in the U.S. grow from seeds genetically altered according […]