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Mug Mixed Meals for Every Nostalgic College Student

After a hard day of classes or during a long weekend, college students appreciate home cooked meals. But if your child can’t get home, give him or her food kits that are simple to prepare with mugs and microwaves. The mixes are easy to make and convenient to store in sealed baggies. Find tons of […]

Emergency Food Meal Ideas

I love to cook special meals but hate to cook the mundane meals that are required day to day. The challenge is not only making something healthy for your family but something they enjoy as well. It is so often hard to accomplish both criteria especially when the some of the best and easiest meals […]

3 Thrifty and Easy Dinner Ideas

With the prices of food constantly rising, feeding your family gets more expensive every day. The trouble is that making homemade meals is often a chore we dread. Well, not anymore! Through the miracle of Pinterest, I have found some great recipes that are not only easy to make, but inexpensive as well. With healthy, […]