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Inexpensive Storage Solutions For Your Emergency Food Supply

We all love things looking organized and clean.   This can be especially true when you are collecting large volumes of food and supplies.  For women especially, I think we want things to look aesthetically pleasing while being functional at the same time.  Over time, as you build your stock of emergency food supplies your food storage area will begin to look very much cluttered and messy.  I know for myself I need things to be put away, (sight and unseen) in order to feel collected and sane in my day to day living.   When we first started storing our food, it was worked into our cabinets in our kitchen.   Eventually we moved the supplies into containers, so our emergency food and our regular food was separated.  If you have a pantry where you can rotate the food that has an expiry, that is much different than food with a 20 year shelf life.  Today we store our food in clean white banker boxes, that we stack one on top of another.  Building your emergency supply happens over time, and as you build up your stock, you can still have an attractive home amongst the food storage. 

(Picture From Sweet Sassafras Blog)

For some homes, building a emergency food supply can be rather difficult especially when there is limited room.  In one of our posts, we discribe how you can line like sized bookshelves along a wall, which you can then cover using a floor to ceiling curtain which doubles as a wall.  Many people are using this technique in apartment buildings as a substitute for a closet.  The best thing about this technique, is you can hang wall mirrors or pictures in front of a curtain, still making your home looking beautiful. 

Beautiful Storage Solutions For Your Emergency Food Supply From Real Simple Magazine

The A Typical Typea posted some wonderful printable container labels which can simply be photocopied and then printed off on your computer, or mass printed at your local copy shop which are a beautiful way of organizing your emergency storage supply.  Your items can be given a vintage appeal with a beautiful hand written description and expiry date that are decorative and practical at the same time.  Best of all, it is free! 

Red Freebie Storage Labels For Your Emergency Food Supply Storage

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