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Alcohol Storage: Why Not Stockpile a Few Luxuries?

When you think about creating your emergency food supply, it is understandable that you want most of your focus and space to go to the basic necessities: foods that are high in protein and can easily be stored for long periods of time, bottled water, etc. It is important, though, that you set aside at […]

Food Stockpiling Can Actually Free Up Some of Your Budget!

On a recent episode of “Extreme Couponing” on TLC, there was an interesting observation. Each of the buyers was deservedly proud to pay NO money - or less than $25.00 - for hundreds of dollars-worth of groceries. It was quite a spectacle.

But the common thread: sugary juice-type drinks. The viewer was left to wonder: […]

Most Forgotten Items for Emergency Food Storage

When it comes to something that could potentially save your life and bring you peace of mind, it’s good to be prepared. A very important factor of physical and economic preparedness is keeping adequate food storage. It is recommended by the CDCP that you keep at least three days’ worth of food for each person […]