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Information and Communications Technology for Survivalists

By Stacey Thompson

Communications and information equipment are not always at the top of a survivalist’s list of priorities. I don’t find that surprising, as I myself would secure a food, water, shelter, and personal defense before thinking about that. Still, having a few key pieces of communications and information processing gadgets will go a […]

Living in a Fallout Shelter

This is an old Cold-War era film that was meant to instruct Americans on how to live within a Fallout Shelter should nuclear war have ever broken out.


20 YEAR Shelf Life GREEN Sprouts - An Excellent Addition To Long Term Emergency Supplies

Upgrade Your Emergency Food Storage with Living Food! Add to your emergency supply with fresh grown, living, nutrient rich, healthy and delicious sprouts to your stored food. Sprouts are very easy to grow. The Handy Pantry Food Storage Sprouting Kit includes everything that you need to grow fresh sprouts in just a few days. This […]