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Cloned Animals In Our Food Supply?

The FDA has now announced that the offspring of cloned animals could be in our food supply right now and that there is nothing that they can do about it.   Nothing they can do about it?  They can micromanage a thousand other elements of our food production, but they can't do a thing about cloned animals in our food supply?  This madness is even spreading to Europe.  EU agriculture ministers have now decided that cloned meat and milk should be allowed into European supermarkets.  Apparently they feel that meat and milk from cloned animals is perfectly safe and they aren't really worried about it.   (Read More.....)

Welcome To Emergency Food Supply

Welcome to Emergency Food Supply!  In a world that is facing economic collapse, sweeping flu pandemics, increasing natural disasters and the ever present threats of terror attacks and war, the importance of having an emergency food supply for you and your family is greater now than it ever has been.  Our goal is to provide you with some of the very best information and resources about building up an emergency food supply so that you can be as prepared as possible for the dark times ahead.  If you know of any emergency food resources that you would like to see added to this site, please let us know.  Difficult times are ahead, and the truth is that we all need to help each other get as prepared as we can. (Read More.....)