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The Kitchen Sink Is Here!


With all that is going on now, it brings to mind something I was told by a friend 15 years ago: when you see a kitchen sink fly by your face you'll know that the end is near. What brings it to mind is that I could swear I just noticed a kitchen sink fly past my face.

This friend is the same person who introduced me to William Cooper so many years ago. What he said in full was “When they are ready to collapse the economy and bring us to the predicted WW3 (See Pike, Manzinni) they will come at us on all fronts.





Gun Control

and TPTB's favorite, War!

The reason for the all fronts in this war against us is that we are in the process of being liquidated, and just like the pick-pocket uses distraction to lift your wallet out of your pocket, TPTB are now in the process of using distraction to pick our pockets one last time.  While some of us may notice TPTB picking our pockets, that too is only a distraction. The real end game is the upcoming WAR!

While most people ar (Read More....)