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Warning: Do You Recognize These 10 Prepping Mistakes?

by M.D. Creekmore

“What’s the most common mistake made by new survivalist? How can we avoid it?“ – asked by Matt via email.

Here are a few quick mistakes that I see new survivalist making (and some, I’ve made myself). They’re listed in no particular order and I’d love for you to continue the list […]

Is Gardening Possible On Top Of Skyscrapers?

Marty and David Hanson, along with photographer, Michael Hanson, spent two months driving across America to chronicle the metropolitan agriculture trend. The resulting success stories from cities like Seattle, New Orleans, and New York City prove that fresh vegetables can indeed thrive among—or on top of—skyscrapers.

Breaking Through Concrete: Building an Urban Farm Revival-Amazon

People […]

Top Natural Gardening Tips

Gardening does not have to be complex. Sometimes there are just plants that naturally go together. These plants can help prevent predation, help promote growth, or even complement each other in meals. The trick is to remember what plants do what. To help you out, here are some gardening tips that you may not know: