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3 Thrifty and Easy Dinner Ideas

With the prices of food constantly rising, feeding your family gets more expensive every day. The trouble is that making homemade meals is often a chore we dread. Well, not anymore! Through the miracle of Pinterest, I have found some great recipes that are not only easy to make, but inexpensive as well. With healthy, […]

Wendell Berry: Fighting for Sustainability and the Local Economy

If there is anyone in this world to seek out for wisdom on the dismal state of our government and the global economy, it is Mr. Wendell Berry. As an author, teacher and family farmer, Berry has written more than 40 works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry which advocate a different life than the one […]

To Prepare Your Home For A Hurricane

Fortunately, hurricanes move slowly and you should have plenty of time to get your home prepared for what the hurricane may bring. The key is to begin preparations for your home long before the storms start. Once the hurricane is on the way, you don’t have as much time, and the supplies you will need […]