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World Wide Weather Changes- It Is Time To Start An Emergency Pantry

It seems as though the last few years, we have experienced extreme weather in the winter season.  In 2010, living in Virginia, we experienced a massive winter storm that crippled the city.  This last year all over the United States we have all experienced more snow, than most normal winter seasons.  Being a Canadian, there seemed to be an extended period of warm winters, but they are now experiencing the colder winters that were seen 20 years ago.  This year they experienced some winters with -40c winters, which is very very cold.  Since the early 1990s there has been a radical shift in the regional and global climate in just a few decades.   Now is the time to prepare for disaster.  Do you have a garden, or some emergency food stored up?  Storing up dry food will insure you have something to work with seasonal changes happen, or a natural disaster hits.  Take a look at the record snow that hit Lead, South Dakota , on January 4, 2011 (Read More.....)