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37 Food Items You Won’t Find In A Crisis

Some of you already know, but for some this information will be brand-new in a threatening way. The bottom line in any disaster (big or small) could force you to go weeks without food. Something else to consider: Scientists have been predicting for years that a warmer planet coupled with increasing water demands could cause […]

Mother Nature’s Fury

***The following is a guest post for Emergency Food by Barbara Fix*** This past year alone, food prices have increased by 36%. Not a good situation when our incomes have taken an incredible nosedive. Just consider unemployment rates alone (that are being reported erroneously, for they do not include those who have exhausted their benefits). […]

One Family Makes A Full Time Income From Their Garden

The organic market expands up to 20% per year, as more people educate themselves of the health dangers of genetically engineered food. A family in Pasadena, California is making a living from selling produce grown in their yard to neighbors and restaurants. They grow 6,000 pounds of produce on 1/10th of an acre of cultivated […]