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Buy Local To Help The Whole World

Eating several good-sized portions of fruits and vegetables every day is a big part of staying healthy. Processed foods are packed full of preservatives and other chemicals that are probably not good for you, so make sure that most of your diet is comprised of whole foods. Fortunately, most of us have access to fresh produce all year long. All we need to do is drive to the closest grocery store to pick from a large selection of fresh fruits, veggies, meats, seafood, and more. While the convenience of having such a wide choice is great, many of us don't bother to think about how they got there. The majority of a supermarket's produce section is usually flown in from around the world. Buying local is always a better option for yourself and for the rest of the world, and here's why.

1) Fresher produce

According to an article on Shine from Yahoo!, locally grown produce will almost always be fresher than anything that is flown in from other areas of the country or the world. Imported produce can sit in trucks or cargo planes for days in the sun before they reach the intended destination. While it is obvious that preservation measures will be put into place, there is no guarantee that the produce will not succumb to temperature, physical damage, infestation, or other problems. While an overwhelming majority of imported produce makes it in one piece, it is often not in the greatest of shape. The stuff that makes it can be damaged, overly ripe, or spoiled.

Most locally grown produce available at farmer's markets has just been harvested, sometimes just minutes earlier, and is in the freshest condition it could possibly be in. The produce hasn't been subjected to excessive chemical sprays, preservatives, or sitting in transportation containers for days. You can avoid getting sick by eating the freshest local produce available.

2) Less expensive

Local produce is usually in-season and will be easier to grow than out-of-season produce. It is relatively less expensive because there is usually an abundance of local stock. This means that it is more readily available and doesn't need to be flown in from somewhere else. Anyone can save money by buying in-season local produce as opposed to out-of-season produce shipped in from other places.

3) Supporting local economies

Buying local produce supports the local farmers and stimulates the local economy. When the local economy is good, it can have countless positive effects on your life.

4) More nutrition

Since locally grown produce is fresher, it usually is more nutritious as well. Most fruits and vegetables are best eaten raw because that is when their nutritional content is highest. When they undergo chemical transformations caused by heat, for example, many of the vitamins and minerals are destroyed or turned into a form humans can't use. Imported produce can be affected by heat, physical damage, insect damage, and more while on the way to your local grocery store. Rotten, contaminated, partially eaten, and overly ripened fruits and veggies will usually be less nutritious than those in perfect condition. Eating fresh local produce can provide you with more nutrition for your money.

5) Good for the environment

The vehicles used in shipping produce from place to place pollute the environment, and so do the many agricultural factories that process mass quantities of just-harvested produce. Buy local to reduce industry waste and cut worldwide pollution.


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