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Top Natural Gardening Tips

Gardening does not have to be complex. Sometimes there are just plants that naturally go together. These plants can help prevent predation, help promote growth, or even complement each other in meals. The trick is to remember what plants do what. To help you out, here are some gardening tips that you may not know:

1.    Plant lavender bushes around onions to prevent onion maggot and also around fruit trees to deter codling moth.

2.    Rosemary planted near carrots deters carrot fly and bean beetle. Sprigs of rosemary kept with clothes will repel moths and silverfish.

3.    Plant sage bushes near doorways to keep ants away. It is also believed to keep away mice.

4.    Plant fennel near doorways and windows to repel flies and mosquitos. You can even place fresh leaves in your pets’ bedding and rub through your pets’ coats to ward off fleas.

5.    Create an antifungal spray using chamomile flowers. Pour one liter of boiling water over two firmly packed cupfuls of fresh flowers, steep and then strain.

6.    Protect cabbages, beans and tomatoes by planting basil nearby.

7.    When making, using, or storing home-made pesticides wear gloves, goggles, long sleeved shirts, pants and waterproof shoes.

8.    Citronella oil is a general insect repellent and can be used as bait to trap and drown codling moth, light brown apple moth, and male fruit flies.

9.    Kill fruit flies by placing a shallow bowl of apple cider vinegar with a piece of plastic wrap over it. Make a small hole in the center. They will get inside and drown.

10.    Garlic spray can be used to kill or repel a wide range of pests such as aphids, wooly aphids, bean flies, stink and horned beetles, crickets and grasshoppers.
Hopefully some of these gardening tips can work for your home. I know I learned a lot of new ideas to keep my home and garden pest free and healthy!

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Use toilet paper rolls to start your plants. When ready to plant, stick the whole roll in the ground. Roll will decompose

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  • Catherina Lucy

    We use the packing peanuts in a very large outdoor pot,not only to
    reduce the amount of potting soil needed, but also to keep the planter
    weight down to a manageable limit.