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Rice Shortage In Asia? Why We Should Have An Emergency Food Supply

Are we about to see a massive rice shortage in Asia? Thailand and Vietnam, the two largest rice exporters in the world, are facing severe drought conditions that are severely threatening this year’s rice crops and global rice supplies. Rice is one of the key “staple foods” in eastern nations, so a serious disruption in […]

Will The Global Deep Freeze Now Ravaging North America, Europe And Asia Lead To Massive Food Shortages In 2010?

While many world leaders have been wringing their hands about global warming, the truth is that the global deep freeze now ravaging North America, Europe and Asia is the biggest problem for agriculture right now. In fact, many analysts are now predicting that agricultural losses due to the unusually cold winter will lead to huge […]

Late Blight: Devastating Tomato And Potato Plants In The Eastern United States

Doesn’t it seem as though there are more crop diseases than ever popping up in 2009? The latest crisis is a disease known as “late blight”, and it is absolutely devastating tomato and potato plants in the eastern half of the United States. As if tomatoes were not expensive enough already. Most Americans have never […]