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The Benefits of Root Cellar Storage

As a prepper, better food storage is something always worth looking out for. Even though the root cellar was overshadowed by the refrigerator, this certainly isn’t a confirmation of the refrigerator’s superiority over underground food storage. Sure, the refrigerator fits in your kitchen and features a sleek design, but the root cellar does the same […]

How to Store Food on a College Budget

Storing food is something that everyone should know how to do. Even though it can seem like a huge hassle, it is actually very easy to do and can save you plenty of time and money in the future. Even people of college age can take advantage of food storage, without spending too much money […]

Fight Back Against High Grocery Prices

Higher prices at the grocery store have many families wondering how they will get by should prices continue to climb as we have been warned they will. Luckily, grocers recognize this and are offering competitive weekly sales and brand names are joining this crusade with more advantageous coupon offerings. Even with these savings, there is […]