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The Benefits of Root Cellar Storage

As a prepper, better food storage is something always worth looking out for. Even though the root cellar was overshadowed by the refrigerator, this certainly isn’t a confirmation of the refrigerator’s superiority over underground food storage. Sure, the refrigerator fits in your kitchen and features a sleek design, but the root cellar does the same job naturally.

Cellars are perfect for food storage, because the temperature is cool and the humidity can be controlled, no matter where you are on earth. Even in extreme environments (very cold or very hot), a root cellar will work to keep your food supply fresh.

Although root cellars can be expensive to build, for preppers, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Listed below are just a few reasons why taking your food supply underground may be beneficial.

1.    If the electricity goes out, your food won’t have to be tossed out: Weather and energy emergencies that cut out electrical power for longer than four hours can leave your refrigerated food spoiled. This means that everything will have to be thrown away and replenished, once the power comes back on. A root cellar always stays at a constant temperature that is just above freezing, and unless it becomes flooded, keeps your food supply fresh and safe during most natural disasters and emergencies.

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