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Returning to the Earth: We’ll Be Farmers Once Again

By Stacey Thompson

Modern civilization has agriculture as its foundation. The nomadic lifestyle of hunter-gathering gave way to settling down and growing food on the land, opening the possibility of permanent dwellings, real estate ownership, a lot of extra time to think and invent stuff, and so many other breakthroughs that led us to where we are now.

Considering how relatively short a time it has been since humanity has gained dominion over the earth (a mere bat of the eyelash, given how old the planet is), it still surprises me how much humanity has achieved, markedly so in the recent five hundred or so years that contained the Renaissance, the Industrial Age, the Atomic Age, and now, the Age of Information.

Contrast that with the collective disappointment of all of us who are witnessing a decline in our world today, how the value of fertile land, a human life, clean water, and healthy food have taken a backseat to the gadgets and gizmos we intended for the improvement of the human condition, and not to supercede it in priority.

At the risk of sounding alarmist and reeking of doomspeak, I think we have quite a ways to start realizing how much we have lost. For us to allow and even sponsor the suffering of our fellow men in order that we might be distracted for a few moments with our toys and other diversions shows a distinct lack of empathy.

Don’t try to point the finger of blame on anyone, because we, as a race, are all at fault. We brought this upon ourselves, and if we continue to treat each other and the rest of the biosphere with apathy, we will surely get what we deserve: a dead planet.

Is there a way to reverse this downward spiral into oblivion?

Yes, I think so. The rest of the natural world did not engage in some kind of conspiracy to bring man down. We brought this down on ourselves, and I believe with a great deal of certainty that we can undo this.

We Are Brothers And Sisters

Our knowledge of science has confirmed what we have spiritually known for so long, that all of us have common ancestry. We have to start treating each other as such: to be compassionate, empathetic, and loving. We will fail many times in our attempts, but what is more important is the intent and effort to look out for one another.

Technology As A Tool For Good

Nowadays, we are enslaved by the technology we have created. This should not be the case, obviously. Technology has to help us in our lives, to free us of mortal infirmities and help us attain things never thought possible.

One doesn’t even need to consider the cutting-edge technology that has yet to be fully understood and perfected. Old technologies, the slightly antiquated heavy equipment that helps us build houses, provide food, make roads, and feed the hungry, are at our disposal, and yet we do not act. This must change; we must use tools for the benefit of all.

The System Must Be Upgraded

More and more, people have come to see that the monetary way of things serves not to share the wealth, but to isolate it into the hands of a few. This is probably the most radical of my insights, and will meet much resistance from those who have worked hard to attain their fortunes. Know this, that if we shared our resources amongst mankind based on what we need and not what we want, everyone will have their fill, and nobody will be deprived. The paradigm shift will be hard, but it has to happen.

These insights, I pray, will help spur people to action and start building, planting, and loving towards a better world.

About The Author

Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and maintains a blog with her closest friends, Word Baristas.

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