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Stockpiling Food: It Saves You Money!

Living in an increasingly complex and dangerous world, many people are looking into creating an emergency food supply. Actually, in the United States, since the 9/11 catastrophe and Katrina hurricane, the federal government has renewed emergency preparedness training that includes what you need to stockpile in case of such an event. Both the Federal Emergency […]

How Much Food and Water Should You Have Stockpiled in Case of an Emergency?

Emergencies happen. A hurricane, a tornado, a massive blizzard, or any other type of severe weather can strike at any given time. Emergency situations also extend beyond extreme weather. Power sources can be knocked out, wars can happen, an earthquake can occur, and who knows — zombies may even rise and start to roam the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Canning Foods

No drive-throughs or fast food here!

Canning is a fun, super-easy and efficient way to enjoy fresh foods all year long. There’s a great feeling of satisfaction from jumping on this bandwagon, and you’ll quickly have an entirely new definition of “fast food.”

As quickly as you can open your pantry and pop the lid, […]