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Emergency Foods That Will Last a Lifetime

No matter what your reason for stockpiling food, that stockpile is of no use if the food spoils before you consume it. There are plenty of ways to help avoid spoilage - rotating the foods in and out, making sure it’s stored properly, and so on - but you can also focus on storing foods […]

Stockpiling Food: It Saves You Money!

Living in an increasingly complex and dangerous world, many people are looking into creating an emergency food supply. Actually, in the United States, since the 9/11 catastrophe and Katrina hurricane, the federal government has renewed emergency preparedness training that includes what you need to stockpile in case of such an event. Both the Federal Emergency […]

MREs: Are They Really as Gross as Their Reputation Says?

MREs — or Meals Ready to Eat — have developed a horrible reputation among the fighting men and women for whom they were invented.

Bestowed by service members with nicknames like “Meals Rarely Edible” and “Meals Rejected by Everyone,” these long-lasting military food rations are built to withstand a 1,250-foot parachute drop, but can they […]