Ways to Keep Food Fresh Longer

We all hate to throw away food, even when it goes bad. Expiration dates and frost bite, mold and rot all claim tons of food every year. However there are ways to make your fresh food last longer. Here are some helpful tips:

1.    Store it right – Sunlight and oxygen are your enemies. Try to store dry goods like flour in cool, dry and dark places. Do not wash vegetables before placing them in the refrigerator.

2.    Vinegar trick - Wash fresh fruits in a mixture of ten parts water to one part white vinegar to keep rot off longer.

3.    Baking soda trick – Keep baking soda in your refrigerator not for smells but to trap gasses that cause rot.

4.    Bay leaf trick – Slip a bay leaf in your flour or pasta to ward off bugs.

5.    Rice trick – Add rice to your salt and sugar to prevent clumping due to moisture.

6.    Butter trick – Put a thin layer of butter on the cut side of cheese so it stays mold free.

7.    Bad apples – One bad apple really does spoil the bunch. Throw away any rotten fruit before it is too late. Keep ripe and unripe fruit separated to prevent rotting.

8.    Wrap it up – Rewrap products to keep them fresh. Cheese and lettuce should be wrapped in fresh plastic wrap when brought home. If freezing, make sure all the air is removed and the food is wrapp (Read More....)