How to Purify Water: A Step-By-Step Guide

Water purifiers are common kitchen devices used to remove traces of chemicals and contaminants from tap water. Most people agree the systems make water taste cleaner. Typical purifiers are based on the use of activated carbon filtering systems. This type of water filter system can easily be created as an improvised homemade project – in other words, you can purify water yourself.

However, it should be noted that this type of DIY activated carbon water filtration process will not work to remove bacteriological contaminations. Therefore, if such problems exist, it will be necessary to also use other treatments, such as boiling dirty water or treating it with chlorine or iodine.

What’s hiding in your drinking water?

Things Needed for Homemade Water Purifier

-Large plastic bottle, sharp knife, dishwashing liquid, water, fine grid wire mesh strainer, wood charcoal, gravel, mortar and pestle, cotton balls, sand, fine wire or fishing line

How to Make Water Purifier

Step 1:

Thoroughly wash the plastic bottle with dishwashing liquid and water. Rinse well.

Step 2:Using the knife, cut off and discard the bottom part of the bottle. The bottom will actually be the top portion of the water purifier.

Step 3:Use the mortar and pestle to gri (Read More....)