10 Food Canning Tips

There are several great reasons to can your own food, and if you want to save money, eat healthier, and cut down on food waste--you'll find out soon enough that canning can help you accomplish all that and more. Whether you're just now getting acquainted with the canning process and could use some helpful advice, or you're a canning pro in need of some gentle reminders, here are some useful tips to make your canning experiences more successful ones.

Select Fresh Produce

Since any fruits and vegetables that you're canning might be stored on your pantry shelf for an extended period of time, avoid selecting any produce that's overripe. Instead, opt for freshly picked fruits and veggies that aren't on the brink of expiring.

Sterilize Jars, Rings, and Lids

Never underestimate the importance of sterilizing jars, rings, and lids that you'll be using to can food. To properly sterilize jars, rings, and lids, wash them with soap and hot water and follow with a thorough rinse. Once washed and rinsed, use a tongs to place them in a large pot of boiling water, allowing them to sit in the hot bath for approximately five minutes. With the tongs, transfer the jars, rings, and lids to a clean layer of paper toweling and use immediately.

Always Use New Lids

While canning jars and rings can be used time and time again as long as they're in good condition, lids shoul (Read More....)