24 Signs That You Just Might Be a Closet Prepper

by SurvivingSurvivalism.com

Here are 24 signs that you might be a closet prepper:

1. You've had a survival blog for 4 years and your spouse doesn't know.

2. Your family does not know there's a case of Dinty Moore stew hidden in the basement

3. You stand around the office water cooler laughing with your buddies about all those tin-foil hat wearers E but you have your own roll of Reynolds Wrap at home.

4. You're an anonymous poster on Infowars.

5. While you were supposed to be grocery shopping, you were checking out escape routes out of the city.

6. You've got a Swiss Army knife on your keychain that looks like a roach clip, instead of a roach clip that looks like a Swiss Army knife.

7. You've read The Turner Diaries with a flashlight under the bed covers, so now you think you know what's coming.

8. You download Steve Quayle's podcasts to your i-pod so you can listen to him on your way to work, alone.

9. You anonymously put your spouse on a mailing list for wilderness vacation pots.

10. You've got a browser bookmarks folder named "Recipes" that includes links to Survival Blog, Preparedness (Read More....)