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The FDA: No Warning Labels Required On Food From Genetically Modified Animals

Do you think that the FDA is actually trying to protect the safety of your food supply?  Think again.  The FDA has officially announced that it WILL NOT require warning labels on food that is produced from genetically modified animals.  So now you will never even know if the food that you are buying or eating comes from a genetically engineered lifeform.  Seriously.  Do you actually want to eat food from a spider-goat or a cow-pig?  Those "lifeforms" actually exist thanks to our scientists.  In fact, WebMD says that dozens of genetically modified animals are under development as you read this.  So how soon will we all see these abominations show up on our supermarket shelves?

NaturalNews reports that the FDA is ready to approve genetically engineered animals for introduction into the food chain.

Since the FDA refuses to require any special labeling, when food from genetically modified animals does show up in the stores you will not even know it.

The following is a description of this genetic engineering process from the FDA's own website: "Genetic engineering generally refers to the use of recombinant DNA (rDNA) techniques to introduce new characteristics or traits into an organism. When scientists splice together pieces of DNA and introduce a spliced DNA segment into an organism to give the organism new properties, it's called rDNA technology. The spliced piece of DNA is called the rDNA construct. A GE animal is one that contains an rDNA construct intended to give the animal new characteristics or traits."

Scientists in China have even created a fluorescent green pig, and some of the offspring from that pig even had fluorescent features.

Are any of you disturbed by this?

Most Americans aren't.

After all, Americans have been gobbling down food produced from genetically modified plants for a long time.

The truth is that almost all corn and almost all soy that you buy has been genetically altered.

And guess what?

These genetically modified crops are getting people sick.

One German court actually ordered Monsanto to release to the public a controversial ninety day study on rats that reported that rats fed genetically modified corn developed the following conditions: "allergies (increased basophils), in response to infections, toxins and various diseases including cancer (increased lymphocytes and white blood cells), and in the presence of anemia (decreased reticulocyte count) and blood pressure problems (decreased kidney weights). There were also increased blood sugar levels, kidney inflammation, liver and kidney lesions, and other changes."

Kind of makes you want a corn on the cob right now, eh?

The reality is that introducing genetically modified animals and crops into our food chain is MUCH more damaging to the environment than global warming ever could be.

And you know what the truly frightening thing is?

Once we let these engineered plants and animals out into the environment and they start breeding and reproducing we can NEVER put the genie back into the bottle.

We are permanently changing the earth, and if these changes end up being catastrophic there will be very little that we can do to turn back the clock.

In the name of scientific advancement, we may be unleashing a catastrophe upon our food supply that we will never be able to rectify.

Perhaps in the future we will all look back and realize that we should have just left nature alone.

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