How To Avoid Genetically Modified Food

Most of you are probably already very familiar with the health hazards of genetically modified foods.  So how can we avoid them?  Well, we found a great article that contains practical steps that all of us can take in order to avoid genetically modified food and eat healthy.  After all, who wants to eat corn that has pesticide grown inside of it?  And the tragic thing is that most "environmentalists" completely ignore the environmental horror genetically modified food is causing.  They would rather whine about fake "environmental" problems than deal with the true horrors such as genetically modified foods which threaten to rape our food supply and destroy the health of the human race.  Anyway, so what can we do on a practical level?

One of the first steps we all can take is to do our best to avoid this genetically modified garbage.  Here is the link to the article that we mentioned:

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