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Tips for Stockpiling Good Sources of Fat

Whether you live in Oklahoma and are at risk of tornados, or in California and are at risk of earthquakes, having a solid stockpile of food can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. In fact,it is recommended that every American store at least three worth of food and water in case of emergency.

If you are considering stockpiling food, you’ll want to carefully plan the balance of nutrients therein, with fat being one nutrient that is essential for survival. We’ll explain here why fat is such an important ingredient to stockpile, and we will provide tips on food sources that provide good fats, as well as how to store them.

Why fat?

Fat is a critically important nutrient when it comes to providing energy for the body—this is essential in an emergency situation when you are both emotionally and physically exhausted. Fat also slows digestion, which is extremely helpful when food supplies are low. Fat helps to regulate your heart rate, too, and enables the absorption of important vitamins, including vitamins A and E. Regardless of whether or not you are in an emergency situation, fat is a nutrient that is critical for our health and wellness.

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Canned meats are a great source of both fat and protein for your stockpile.
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How should you store your fats?

You’ll want to store fat-laden foods in a cool, dry, and optimally light-free environment. When purchasing nuts, look for the vacuum-packed options so that the nuts don’t oxidize as quickly. Vacuum-packed meat is fine, too, though the shelf life is only six months, so canned options are preferable.

Be sure to monitor the expiration dates on all food you are stockpiling. Every food has one (even bottled water has one!), and making sure that the food you have so carefully stockpiled is fresh will be important when you need it most.

In short, don’t forget the fat when consider the types of foods you want to include in your stockpile. It is an invaluable source of energy in a potentially difficult time when you’ll need it most.

Fat also stores well in cool, dark places, and the right fats can be found in multiple delicious sources including canned meats, nuts, beans, and edible oils. You’ll be grateful to have these types of products around when times get tough.

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