Benefits Of Growing Your Own Herbs

Many people would like to have their own herb garden, but they really don’t feel like they have the time to plant or maintain one. However, compared to the benefits growing your own herbs can bring, the initial effort involved in planting herbs and the small things you will need to do to regularly maintain your herb garden are very minimal. Here are some of the advantages of growing your own herbs that may convince you to take that first step to adding fresh herbs to your home and life.

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1. Herb Gardens Are Some Of The Easiest Gardens To Plant And Maintain

Most herbs literally grow like weeds. I planted Thai Basil from seeds I harvested from a plant on the side of the road, and even now, 5 years later, I see little Thai basil plants popping up where I least expect them. Herbs are very easy to grow and are tolerant of many different soil and sunlight conditions. If you check with your local plant nursery, they may give you some advice on the ideal conditions for growing the herbs you choose, but these conditions are pretty basic I.e. enough water, sunlight, soil etc.

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2. Growing Your Own Herbs Can Save You A Lot Of Money

If you have ever bought fresh herbs at the super market, you probably know that fresh herbs are not cheap. When you grow your own herbs, the only things you will pay for is the initial cost of buying seeds (which are generally quite cheap) and even if you buy special plant food and potting soil, if you use herbs regularly, you will be saving money in the long run. Also, when you buy herbs at the supermarket, usually a lot of it goes to waste. It’s very rare that you can use a whole bag of parsley in one go, but if you grow your own, you can snip off just as much parsley as you need for your dish.

3. Growing Your Own Herbs Lets You Experience More Variety

When you grow your own herbs, you have the ability to sample the less common varieties of herbs that don’t get sold in supermarkets very often. Usually you can buy spearmint at your local grocery, but you probably won’t be able to find apple mint, orange mint, horsemint or, my favorite, chocolate mint. By growing your own herbs you are able to choose varieties that aren’t as common that will give your dishes a distinctive and unique taste.

4. Growing Your Own Herbs Brings Many Health Benefits

Most herbs have healing and curative properties and having access to fresh herbs regularly can help you to benefit from these properties. Learning about different herbal remedies can give you inspiration for what herbs you want to grow in your garden, as well as give you more appreciation for any herbs you already do grow for culinary purposes. Also, growing herbs can be a very soothing hobby. Herbs don’t take much work to care for and it can be very rewarding to see your herb garden flourishing and growing before your eyes.

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  • Cherly Megahan

    Thanks Dr.G for your site and information here> I was doing some research and found you……As an ayurvedic practitoner and nurse I use an open system and still am able to introduce herbs into the colon therapy. I easily brew Triphalo and neem tea that is used in the colema system…and I find that this is gentle on the client. In reading your comment above, SHe would have to check on state regulations but I would imagine that if she wanted to add Young Living essential oils to the therapy session that would be considered “self administration” and would absolve the practitioner of liability as long as she added them?