Benefits Of Growing Your Own Herbs

Many people would like to have their own herb garden, but they really don’t feel like they have the time to plant or maintain one. However, compared to the benefits growing your own herbs can bring, the initial effort involved in planting herbs and the small things you will need to do to regularly maintain your herb garden are very minimal. Here are some of the advantages of growing your own herbs that may convince you to take that first step to adding fresh herbs to your home and life.

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1. Herb Gardens Are Some Of The Easiest Gardens To Plant And Maintain

Most herbs literally grow like weeds. I planted Thai Basil from seeds I harvested from a plant on the side of the road, and even now, 5 years later, I see little Thai basil plants popping up where I least expect them. Herbs are very easy to grow and are tolerant of many different soil and sunlight conditions. If you check with your local plant nursery, they may give you some advice on the ideal conditions for growing the herbs you choose, but these conditions are pretty basic I.e. enough water, sunlight, soil etc.

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Turn Your Bunker Into A Greenhouse And Garden Underground

Essential to any complete disaster survival plan is a store of non-perishable food large enough to sustain you and your family for an indeterminate period of time.  Canned foods, dehydrated foods, vacuum-sealed seed packets, and MREs often are the primary, if not the only, items preppers rely on to get them though disasters because they can be kept without spoiling for as close to forever as food can get.  As practical as these kinds of foods are, however, they are fundamentally unnatural, and without the nutritional value that fresher foods provide.  It may seem that there is no alternative to these disaster foods, but recent developments in urban farming, specifically in the Netherlands, may provide a solution for survivalists.

Water & Light

Even the most inexperienced gardeners know that plants of all varieties require two basic resources to grow and flourish: water and light.  Many preppers already grow their own food, but their capacity to garden would be greatly diminished if they were forced to go underground during a disaster — and given that most bunkers or other survival shelters are underground (or at least without windows), gardening seems mostly out of the question.

Though providing plants with water would be easy enough, feeding them with the right kind of light would be next t (Read More....)