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6 Healthy Foods to Include in Your Emergency Supply

Preparing food for an emergency situation means finding foods that have a long shelf life and require little preparation. Typically people really on highly processed convenience foods to fit the bill; this is largely because they’re stocked with preservatives and stay fresh and edible for much longer than traditional emergency staples. However your emergency supply […]

Canning Vegetables 101: How to Make Them Last

Preserving fresh garden vegetables through home canning is a cost-effective way to have great tasting, nutritious food at your fingertips year around. If it grows, cultivated or wild, it can be preserved through canning and eaten later. With basic canning knowledge and a few favorite recipes, anyone can be successful at home canning.

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Plant an Herb Garden on Your Wall

If you think you don’t have space for an herb garden then think again. In just a few simple steps that anyone can do, you can grow an herb garden in only inches of space, vertically. This wall garden is a great way to save on space and still grow your own herbs, flowers, fruits, […]