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Information and Communications Technology for Survivalists

By Stacey Thompson

Communications and information equipment are not always at the top of a survivalist’s list of priorities. I don’t find that surprising, as I myself would secure a food, water, shelter, and personal defense before thinking about that. Still, having a few key pieces of communications and information processing gadgets will go a long way in securing your prolonged and sustainable existence amidst whatever world-changing crisis may befall upon civilization.

Assuming a survivalist has already secured the absolute essentials, it would be wise to look at certain electronic equipment that could aid in their survival. Truth be told, some of these would have to be abandoned if the choice was between them and a bottle of water or a crate of apples, but sacrifices are necessary, especially in the most trying of times.

Shortwave Radio

In the event of a cataclysmic disaster or violent conflict, most (if not all) utilities and services will be disrupted. This will include telecommunications services such as land-based phone lines, mobile phones, and of course, internet access. Shortwave radio will be the most effective and reliable means of long distance communication, most likely.

Learning to be a ham radio operator is a useful and fun hobby to have right now, and it will be immensely more important if the unthinkable should happen. Learn the basics from various resources online (here, and here).

As for hardware, it would also be useful to pick up some basic electronics know-how so that you will be able to set up and make basic repairs on your shortwave radio equipment. There are many choices when it comes to ham and commercial handheld two way radios; do your research online and find the best units you can afford.

Personal Computer

One might think that having a personal computer might just be an unnecessary encumbrance on a survivalist; I think if a survivalist needs to pack a computer (full of data, of course) so that even just a shard of valuable information that our civilization survives and is used by the survivors to rebuild civilization anew.

Again, having knowledge about alternate sources of electricity generation and wiring will be useful as grid-based power will be one of the first things that will get knocked out

Picture Credit -ADATA Waterproof/Shockproof External Hard Drive

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A mobile laptop or notebook computer, provided it is tough enough to withstand the rigors of rough travel and adverse conditions is good, but a unit in the safe haven can sacrifice portability for stable operation and durability. If your budget can sustain it, purchasing a ruggedized industrial or military-grade computer system with built-in backup power can be a valuable addition to your safe haven.

Homing Pigeons

Picture Credit

I’m not kidding. Sending messages using carrier pigeons was practiced in both of humanity’s great wars. Having a coop of pigeons on or near your safe haven is beneficial not only as a way for your group’s scouts or scavenging parties to send messages back to home base, it also augments your food supplies. You can’t eat your portable two-way radio, can you?

Keep on being vigilant and may the cataclysmic events we are preparing for never come to pass. Live fully, and live well!

About the Author- Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and is starting to internalize the lifestyle and philosophies of the prepper. She has a blog with her close friends, Word Baristas.

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