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As you are building up your emergency food supply, you are also going to want to think about how you are going to supply clean, fresh water for your family in the event of a major disaster or emergency.  Well, today we have a really great alternative for you.  EcoloBlue is a company that makes some of the highest quality and most cost effective atmospheric water generators in the world.  Their units contain a water filtration system that pulls drinking water out of thin air!  It is great for anyone seeking to get off the grid or for anyone that is just trying to do things that are good for the environment. Just think about it - no more fluoride in your drinking water, no more plastic bottles filling up landfills, no more lugging heavy containers of drinking water home from the supermarket!

The EcoloBlue 30 & 30s™ are sleek, state-of-the-art atmospheric water generators that can provide your family with up to 8 gallons of pure drinking water a day.  These units pull water from the humidity right out of the air, and then filters it into pure drinking water.  The water is incredibly pure and absolutely delicious, and Ecoloblue says that water produced by their units costs an average of approximately 20 cents a gallon.

EcoloBlue units are perfect for a home, an office, an RV or even a boat.  Their units even have a solar panel option so that they can potentially keep providing water in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

The truth is that we are not always going to be able to count on clean, fresh water.  In the event that your current water supply was cut off, what would you do?  Where would you get water for your family?

In addition, there have been a number of scientific studies recently which have revealed all of the horrible things that are in our drinking water.  Even distilled water from the grocery store has plastic chemicals leaching into it.

Wouldn't you like to drink some clean, pure water that is good for the environment for once?

The following video has even more information about these amazing units....

It seems like everyone is hopping on the Ecoloblue bandwagon.  A while back, one ABC News affiliate posted an absolutely glowing review of Ecoloblue water generators....

Soon, our kids were demanding their filtered water like toddlers after cookies. They homed to it after exercise and filled their bottles on comings and goings. Returning from a vacation, they insisted the Ecoloblue (generically known as an Atmospheric Water Generator) be immediately re-engaged. They wanted that cool and clean-tasting H2O.

Guests were mesmerized, too. They remarked that this water condensed from air was greatly refreshing. Yup, we nodded, smugly: It were good. And there was enough for all of us to drink,  with some leftover every day for the pets and for cooking.

Are you excited yet?

Are you ready for the cleanest, purest water that you have ever had in your life?

Ecoloblue is the real deal.  I would not be writing this review if I did not believe in Ecoloblue so strongly myself.

So what are you waiting for?  Visit the EcoloBlue Life & Energy website for more information.

EcoloBlue Atmospheric Sparkling Water Generator

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    EcoloBlue or WaterPure International?

    Apparently EcoloBlue is made in China and WaterPure International is made in the USA.

    Do you own either of the two or have you tested them?

    I read a lot of negative things about EcoloBlue but WaterPure Interantional has less marketing so there is not much info on it.