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How To Purify Water For Your Emergency Food Supply

A person can survive for several days without food, but only for a short time without water.  Survival Kits online sells a 55 Gallon Water Preserver which can be used in water barrel drums. As we have learned from Japan's earthquake, clean fresh water can quickly become sparse, when the local water supplies are cut off. This water preserver is a concentrated mix that is recommended to use with a 55 gallon food safe drum, and stays fresh for 5 Years.   Water Preserver is the first and only product recognized and proven effective for 5-year water storage, registered and licensed by federal and state EPA. Water Preserver was scientifically tested for 10 years to ensure its potency for 5 year storage.  This concentrate contains proprietary stabilized sodium hypchlorite.  While some recommend using ordinary household bleach,  sodium hypchlorite, continually is released over time, which pushes the shelf life from 5-10 years.   While some people prefer to use bleach, it can introduce a chemical smell and taste to the water.  Many experts recommend that if you use bleach in water for emergency supplies, that you replace it within a year.  When you add this water preserver to regular tap water into the food safe drum, simply add the mixture and write the date down on to the container. This product expires in one year, so be sure to purchase this mixture at the same time you buy your water barrels.

Some things to note:

- When you store your water, be sure to keep the water in water-safe opaque containers which is stored out of the light. Most often, if you take these measures, water will typically remain safe for 6 months to a year.

- Temperature and water impurity levels will affect the shelf life.

-If you decide to store jerry cans of water, simply pour them out and refill every six months.

- If you decide to use bleach, many recommend that you store the water in a  cool and dark place, and use a half cup of bleach in 55 gals of water.

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