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To Prepare Your Home For A Hurricane

Fortunately, hurricanes move slowly and you should have plenty of time to get your home prepared for what the hurricane may bring. The key is to begin preparations for your home long before the storms start. Once the hurricane is on the way, you don’t have as much time, and the supplies you will need to get your home ready will be slim pickings.

Windows and Doors

During a hurricane, the most vulnerable parts of your home are the doors and windows. The wind and rain should not be as much of a problem for windows and doors, but the things that can be blown onto your windows and doors during a hurricane are the problem. The branch of a tree or a patio chair can crash right through a window or break a door down. Once that happens, the wind and rain can get inside the house and cause the roof to push up and the home to be flooded.


The most popular way to secure your windows and doors is by using marine plywood. They may be against building codes, but as a temporary fix it should work. After purchasing the plywood, cut the panels the same sizes as the window and door openings and fit them in by screwing in screws about every 20 inches apart. Don’t use old plywood from years ago because it can be warped from storage. If a board is warped, the wind can easily get behind it and rip the window right off.

Hurricane Glass

Hurricane glass is very similar to the safety glass that is used for car windshields. It is a plastic sheet that is held between two other sheets of glass. It’s installed where a standard sized window would go as a replacement. If you live in an area that is prone for hurricanes, it’s a great idea to have these windows installed for protection. Many people use these windows and then cover them with plywood when they hear about an impending hurricane coming.

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters can be used to help protect your home during a hurricane. These are made out of steel, aluminum or plastic and can be locked and closed over windows before a storm hits. They are the most expensive type of protection for your windows, but once installed are simple to use. Lots of insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners if you have storm shutters.

Door Protection

Many homeowners who live in hurricane areas will install metal or solid wood doors in their homes. These are much less likely to sustain damage from flying objects through the air and will protect the home much more effectively. If you live in a path where hurricanes tend to follow, you want to have all your preparations ready in advance. Supply stores run out quickly when word of an impending hurricane comes. Placing orders for special made shutters and doors can take a few weeks or even a month so you should plan much in advance so that you can ensure your home is secure before hurricane seasons begins.

No matter where you live, it’s always safer to be ready for bad weather! So be sure to do whatever it takes, wherever you live, to stay safe!

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  • millenniumfly

    The best plan is to purchase and cut your wood to fit well before a hurricane warning otherwise the stores will be out of wood and you’ll be up a creek.