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Plant an Herb Garden on Your Wall

If you think you don’t have space for an herb garden then think again. In just a few simple steps that anyone can do, you can grow an herb garden in only inches of space, vertically. This wall garden is a great way to save on space and still grow your own herbs, flowers, fruits, or vegetables.

What you need:

·    a pallet
·    2 large bags of potting soil
·    16 six packs of plants (one six pack per opening on the face of the pallet, and two six packs per opening on the top of the completed pallet garden)
·    a small roll of landscape fabric
·    a staple gun
·    staples
·    sand paper

First of all, make sure your pallet is clean and free from any splinters or protruding nails. Make sure the wood is not rotten and is tightly nailed together. Feel free to add some support if you think it is necessary and sand down any rough spots.

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Next, roll out the landscape fabric. You want to cut a piece that is wide enough to cover the back and sides of the pallet and twice as long as the pallet so that you can double it over. Once it is cut, fold it in half lengthwise and turn the pallet over. Start stapling at the very bottom of the pallet, covering the entire bottom tightly so that no dirt will escape. Continue stapling up the sides and back of the pallet, keeping the fabric tight.

Once you have that done, turn the pallet over. Dump one of the bags of soil onto the pallet and spread it around. Fill the top pocket of the pallet with soil and start planting there. You want to pack the plants in tightly so they do not fall out later. Then, move to the bottom of the pallet and work your way up. Make sure that everything is packed tightly. Once planting is complete, DO NOT move the pallet. You need to give the plants a chance to take root. This can take a few days up to two weeks. Water the plants regularly and when you feel they are secure, stand up the pallet in a sunny location.

A pallet can fit nearly anywhere: a balcony, a wall, a fence. All you need are a few inches of floor space and a flat wall. Make sure you water your garden regularly, especially the bottom because it seems to dry out fastest.

This project is a great way for anyone anywhere to have a fresh herb garden. It does not require a lot of time, space, or work to create or maintain. A great idea for apartment dwellers and those with small garden areas!

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