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Harvesting Rainwater 101

Don’t let a drizzly day put a damper on your mood — with a little preparation, those raindrops can save you and your community some serious money. Each gallon of rainwater that’s harvested — meaning collected and saved for later use — equals a gallon of treated city water that can be used […]

Food In Jars- How To Make Your Garden Last Throughout The Year

Author and food blogger Marisa McClellanwas initially drawn to canning and preserving because it produces something that endures – there’s a finished product that you can enjoy over time. Her mom taught her the basics but it wasn’t until she started shopping at farmers’ markets that she realized she could buy produce in season and […]

Canning Vegetables 101: How to Make Them Last

Preserving fresh garden vegetables through home canning is a cost-effective way to have great tasting, nutritious food at your fingertips year around. If it grows, cultivated or wild, it can be preserved through canning and eaten later. With basic canning knowledge and a few favorite recipes, anyone can be successful at home canning.

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