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5 Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Molasses

With the constant plague of obesity and diabetes in our society today, healthier alternatives to processed, fatty foods are a necessity. As generation after generation is raised on highly processed and unhealthy foods, obesity and diet related diseases have become the number one cause of death throughout the world. This is both astounding and worrisome.

What does this have to do with prepping and emergency food plans? Well, as any college nutrition class will tell you, the common table sugar that most products contain and most of us use today provides absolutely no nutritional value to our diet. Table sugar can create blood sugar and insulin instability. Molasses is actually the byproduct (waste) obtained during the processing process of sugar cane into table sugar. Interestingly, this molasses is actually a much healthier and natural sweetening option. Consider including unsulfured molasses in your emergency food supply over common table sugar—here's five reasons why:

Low Glycemic Index

As we all know, "traditional" sugar (meaning common table sugar) is high in glucose and carbohydrates. Molasses has a low glycemic index, allowing glucose and carbohydrates to be metabolized slowly. This slowed metabolic process demands less insulin production and stabilizes blood sugar. A (Read More....)