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3 International Staples That You Can Live On

When I was in college, I spent much of my time studying abroad. By taking several credit hours during the summer, I was able to spend a total of three semesters living in different countries. Unlike going on vacation, studying abroad enabled me to see how people from vastly different countries really lived. It was so refreshing to see how many cultures are not so driven by a complete reliance on consumerism, who can live on next to nothing but still be happy and fulfilled by interpersonal relationships.

More than just that, I also learned that each country I visited had one or two main staple foods that are incredibly versatile, found as a base in so many of their cultural cuisine, but staples that also keep the poor alive. Here are some of my favorite healthy, tasty, life-sustaining staples that all preppers should add to their emergency food supply:

1. Lentils.

Lentils are really and truly a magical food. Popular India, where I lived for a semester, lentils are a huge part of the Indian, vegetarian-heavy cuisine. The best thing about lentils is that they contain a large portion of protein (they are the third most protein-rich legume after hemp and soybeans). In an emergency situation, where meat would likely be scarce, lentils thus provide much needed protein. They’re a great source of (Read More....)