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7 Tips to Stockpiling Emergency Food

You live in the real world and have to deal with daily problems, issues, and emergencies. You probably don’t have the time or mental energy to worry about future catastrophes or doomsday scenarios.

That’s fine - but what about more common disasters, like hurricanes, snowstorms, or severe floods? These could knock power and other services […]

3 Critical Food Storage Items Often Overlooked

Many people understand the importance of having short and long-term food storage. Adequate food storage can protect you and your loved ones from financial crisis, unforeseen natural disasters, disease outbreaks, war time, road closures, economic instability, damaged crops and any number of unforeseen catastrophes which can shut off our food supply. However, there may be […]

3 International Staples That You Can Live On

When I was in college, I spent much of my time studying abroad. By taking several credit hours during the summer, I was able to spend a total of three semesters living in different countries. Unlike going on vacation, studying abroad enabled me to see how people from vastly different countries really lived. It was […]