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Why You Need An Emergency Food Supply

In today’s society, being prepared for the worst is no longer a sign of paranoia, terror, obsession, and superstition. As natural disasters, terrible storms, wars, riots, uprisings, and economic crises become more and more frequent, having a backup emergency plan just in case is the smart, not psychotic, thing to do. Emergency clothing, shelter, and most importantly, food and water, is an essential for every household as the world we live in becomes more and more unstable.  During most emergencies, households can typically expect to be without refrigeration, electricity, and gas for at least a short period of time. Most government and federal aid takes at least three days to make an appearance when emergencies strike, so it is not in the best interest to rely on outside sources for help with food and shelter. This being said, a three day supply of food and water at the minimum should be found in every household. However, the larger the reserve, the better; having several weeks of food on hand only guarantees longer survival times if the disaster is catastrophic.

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During emergencies, citizens turn to looting, raiding, stealin (Read More....)